By Hospals Team Blog Published on - 26 December - 2020

7 Best Gall Bladder Surgery Hospitals In India

Gall stones are firm deposits of the digestive fluid in the gall bladder, the organ attached under the liver. Gall bladder surgery is the only way to remove the gall stones that get formed in the gall bladder. Your doctor might talk about having cholelithiasis, the scientific word for gall bladder stones.

Gall stones are primarily hardened deposits of bile, red blood cells, cholesterol and bilirubin that could not be excreted by any means from the organ. Often high cholesterol or high bilirubin in the bile can cause gall stones in people

Risk factors include women specially over 40 years of age, diabetics, patients with autoimmune disease, people on cholesterol-lowering medicines, and obesity in many cases.

For the last five years in India an annual increase of 15-20% of gall bladder patients is observed.

There are two types of surgeries to choose from-

  • Open gall bladder surgery (through a single large incision the doctor creates space enough to remove your entire gall bladder, the surgery can last one to two hours and was the only preferred choice of surgery in the earlier times) and
  • Laparoscopic gall bladder surgery (minimally performed invasive gall bladder or gall stone removal surgery done by creating several small incisions instead of one after inflating the abdomen with carbon dioxide or air).

It is a convenient and cheap alternative option and is the best possible choice when faced with emergency situations.

Many good hospitals all over the world now are promoting laparoscopic gall bladder surgery extensively. To facilitate patients suffering from it, we have created a list of ten hospitals that can help you during cholelithiasis.

Quality hospitals helping with gall bladder surgery

Several hospitals can help with gall bladder surgery, and for you, we have picked up seven such good hospitals.

1. Delhi Government Hospitals

If you are economically struggling, getting your laparoscopic cholecystectomy done from one of the government hospitals is a good choice. The surgery is performed free of cost by the government hospitals all across Delhi according to the free surgery list issued by the Delhi government.

You can be released on the same day or the day next to the surgery when visiting one of the government hospitals. Laparoscopic surgical requirements are proper, thus facilitating the surgery.

2. Max Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi

It is considered a simple procedure worldwide and patients suffering from gallstones find adequate care in the hospital. Usually, after a physical palpation process and check-up, the patients are advised to undergo endoscopic ultrasonography to determine the number of gall stones present in the gall bladder. One can also determine the size and shape of the gall stones post ultrasonography.

The patient has to get a full bladder for such an ultrasound process and post the determination and confirmation; the patient is suggested to undertake the operation.

Max Superspeciality Hospital is capable of handling the entire process and provides all facilities to the patients who come here for the gall bladder surgery.

Address: 1, 2, Press Enclave Marg, Saket Institutional Area, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

Contact Number: 011 2651 5050

3. Medanta The Medicity Gurgaon

One can opt for lap cholecystectomy procedure, performed in the hospital. The abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide or air, and then through the help of small incisions, the stones are removed from the gall bladder.

In the hospital, you would be asked to drink prescribed solutions for flushing out stool from the intestine. People need to skip food the night before the surgery.

The hospital takes good care ensuring quicker recovery of the gall bladder. Less pain, no big surgical cut, lesser risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis), infection of surgical wounds are some of the advantages of undergoing this operation.

Address: CH Baktawar Singh Rd, near Olympus, Medicity, Islampur Colony, Sector 38, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Contact Number:- 0124 414 1414

4. Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai

The hospital performs gall stone and gall bladder removal surgeries. The gallbladder is removed using 3 to 6 inches of incision on the right upper abdomen when performing open cholecystectomy. For laparoscopic cholecystectomy, it is done through several small cuts (incisions) in the abdomen and then appropriate measures are taken for quick healing of the patient’s condition.

Appropriate care and measures are taken to prevent unnecessary delays in wound healing.

The hospital also helps in maintaining a strict vigilance and post follow up visits for patients who underwent cholecystectomy or gall bladder removal procedure.

Address: Police Station, 1877 Doctor Anandrao Nair MargNearAgripada, Mumbai Central, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011

Contact Number: 082911 01001

5. Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore

Endoscopic ultrasonography, computed tomography (CT scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) are some of the diagnostic procedures used in the detection of gall bladder abnormalities.

Laparoscopic procedures require less time to heal and thus are the most preferred procedure in current times.

Address: Kirloskar Business Park, Bellary Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560024

Contact Number: 080666 00666

6. Woodlands Multispecialty Hospital Limited, Kolkata

Laparoscopic surgeries are the only targeted gall bladder surgery preferred in today’s times. If it fails or if there is some reason why the surgery can’t be performed then in those patients, open surgeries for gall bladder needs to be done.

The hospital is equipped with all the modern diagnosing devices and also aftercare for the patients is very well established in the hospital.

Address: 8/5, Alipore Rd, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027

Contact Number: 033 2456 7075

7. Gleneagles Global Hospital Chennai

In earlier times, the gall bladder was removed entirely whenever the patient was diagnosed with gallstones. Now, the stones are removed from the gall bladder, leaving the organ intact with the help of laparoscopic surgeries.

Gleneagles is one of the best centres to facilitate cholecystectomy in Chennai.

The hospital has good aftercare, and a standard post follow up regime. After surgeries make sure you consult the doctor as often as you have to, or whenever you feel you need clarification for something related to your condition.

Address: 439, Embassy Residency Rd, Cheran Nagar, Perumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600100

Contact Number: 044 4477 7000

Therefore, if you are planning to undergo surgery, make sure you find out which hospital can facilitate it in the best possible way.

About both the cholecystectomy procedure, diagnostic tests, and aftercare along with post-follow-ups should be what you must check before referring someone for cholecystectomy to a particular hospital.