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I had a minor brain stroke. In the meantime, my father was getting treatment here in India. Firstly I was thinking about Singapore but listening from my father how his surgery is going on in India and his experience with Hospals, I got impressed by the services and decided to follow my father to India for my treatment too. I send my report to them and they assign one of the case manager, Fazal Ahmed. This was followed by the initiation of the paperwork I needed. The case manager arranged the Visa Invitation Letter from the hospital that I needed to get the medical Visa. After I reached in India on 13th June, I was received by Fazal Ahmed, my case manager and taken to the hotel, which was booked before my arrival next to my father room. On a scheduled time, I was taken to meet Dr. Sanjay Saxena, a Senior Director & HOD Neurology at MAX PPG hospital. The doctor took a detailed case history including any other past or present medical illnesses or family history related to my problem. He also ordered some further investigations to rule out the exact cause of stroke. These investigations included some routine blood analysis, radio-imaging tests, CT-Angio, DSA. I get treated very well with compassion and care. When I arrive in India I was unable to even stand on my own so I was using a wheelchair but after treatment next day early morning I was walking on my own in nearby community park enjoying the sunrise and my freedom from relying on somebody else. Thank You so much Hospals Team, Doctors and all the concern members.