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I am Mr. Ali Amir from Iraq my daughter Ms.Dania Ali Amir was having the problem of Scoliosis and require surgery. As in Iraq, there is no adequate facilities and specialist are available so I decided to seek help out of the box. So I searched online and analyzed that India is best for medical facilities and I found this company Hospals as they are working globally including Singapore.

I contacted Baghdad office and meet Mr.Hayder Mohammed Salih Ali Country Head and he asks for her reports, a few hours later he provided my reply from the top surgeons about the procedure with estimate cost. Then I opted to go with Jaypee Hospital, withing an hour I received a Visa Invitation Letter as well.

On arrival at the airport a team member picked us “he was an Arabic speaker as well and took us to their guest house and I was surprised to see that it was totally patient-centric with lots of useful amenities.

Then the team took us to the hospital for a consultation, went through several diagnostic procedures accompanied by a Hospal team member all through. We never had to face any confusion while collecting all the reports even being in a new country and a huge hospital, Hospals team made it very easy. After a crucial and careful examination of my daughter and her reports, the team of very efficient doctors advised us a surgery as the treatment plan that includes insertion of 20 screws along with an 89-degree correction of sideways curvature of the spine. Dania was fit and fine to walk out of bed soon after showing great recovery results and hence was discharged in the next six days walking on her own without any support. I highly recommend the services of Hospals.