What Customers Say About US


I had a stroke 6 months ago which causes blood clotting in my brain. I was very upset and stressed about it. Then I decided to go outside my home country as there are adequate facilities and experts are not available. In order to find for the best hospital and doctor, I get very confused and didn't able to come to any conclusion what I have to do, to whom I had to talk and lots of questions in mind. While surfing on the web I snapped on HOSPALS I realizes that I saw the board of this name in my own town, next day I visited the Dhaka office where I meet the team which assisted me with finalizing hospital, doctor, accommodation and all. Then I came to peace that there is someone in my own country to help me throughout the entire journey. When I arrived at the airport I was surprised, that there was Bengali speaking representative for pick up. I have been treated in Fortis Noida under the supervision of Dr. Rahul Gupta. After my return to Dhaka, I was aligned for Tele-Consultancy where I was able to Video call the Doctor for discussion of my health, even get a new prescription after some amendments for some routine medicine that doctor recommended for better improvement.